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Litha Newsletter

May 2nd through June 21st 2015



Our Litha Barbecue Potluck will be on Sunday, June 21st at 3052 Adams Circle, Medford, OR  97504 from 2:00pm  until we end.  

View map here

If there is a last minute change to location check the Facebook events page or

Call Cat at 541-531-7375 or Heidi at 541-200-9293



~We are available~
By appointment only.  Please contact any of the ministers or Council members


listed below in the “Contact Us” section for an appointment.




If you need immediate assistance, please contact Cat at her cell phone number above.  She is available most days as long as she’s not hiking in a no service area.  Heidi is available during the week between 8am and 5pm by text only on her cell phone number listed above.  On the weekends, and outside of 8-5 she can be called.


Rowan Tree Spiritual Community is an
Open Circle Community
Everyone is Invited!



Upcoming Events



 May 2nd through June 21st 2015 


Monday, May 18th New Moon and Potluck at 3052 Adams Circle, Medford, OR from 6:30pm until end.



Tuesday, June 13th Rowan Tree Council Meeting from 4:00pm til end, at Cat's house.  215 1st St. #9 Phoenix, OR 97535.  This Council Meeting is open to the Community.


Sunday, June 21st Summer Solstice Barbecue Potluck from 2:00pm til end at 3052 Adams Circle, Medford, OR 97504.  View Map Here.


Saturday, June 27th Singing and Chanting Workshop from 2:00pm till end at 3052 Adams Circle, Medford, OR 97504.



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Call Cat at: (541) 531-7375

Heidi: (541) 200-9293

Coop: (541) 324-8982 (leave message, or text)

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